One Of The Extraordinaries?

“Too often, we find ourselves stuck at a desk, or staring at stale grey townscape, or disdainful faces when, deep down, we know these dull, monotonous hours could be better filled with the extraordinary adventures we firmly believe are our destiny.”

– Feyn Richards, The Tiffin Den Sleuths


The Everyday Extraordinaries is a book designed for all you intrepid adventurers who want a little dose of ‘extraordinary’ every day – perhaps because you are unable to attend your favourite LARP events, or maybe because you are so adventurous you simply cannot wait until the next one?

Using the Adventure Hooks and optional resources, you will be able to build an entire world of adventures for you and your friends at a level of inconvenience and organisation which suits you. Everything is both ‘ready to go’ and also easily enhanced, added to and developed to suit your own creative inclinations and adventuring needs.

This blog contains additional information and resources which can be used to enhance your Extraordinary Adventures. Even if you are not yet adventuring with us, we hope you enjoy browsing through the workshop projects, costumes, delectable tiffin suggestions etc. all brought to you by our Utterly Ineffable friends and associates from the splendid community of Steampunk makers and creators.

So whether you simply need a little splash of daily escapism, or are wishing to take your daily adventures to proportions most epic, we invite you to join our growing band of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen in making every day a little bit of an adventure.

We sincerely hope you enjoy adventuring with us – The Everyday Extraordinaries…


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